The Zamzow Group, Inc. – Client Spotlight

by Matthew Burgess on December 31, 2009

Formation Solutions client Brenda Zamzow-Frazier is a hard working woman. As owner of the Zamzow Group, Inc., a financial and accounting consulting firm based in Los Angeles, Brenda has built a successful business with clients in the entertainment, non-profit, and manufacturing industries, among others.


Formation Solutions helped Brenda set up The Zamzow Group as a corporation about 5 years ago. Now, the Zamzow Group is a leader in financial and accounting consulting. We recently caught up with Brenda to learn about how her business has fared since its incorporation.

The Zamzow Group offers all manner of financial services—often in the form of interim CFOs and controllers—from day to day accounting to financial planning, strategizing, and cost analysis.

The company has been feature by the Los Angeles Business Journal, on two of its “Top” lists in LA County: 25 Largest Temporary Placement Firms, and 100 Largest Women Owned Businesses.

The Zamzow Group has been granted a prestigious and widely-recognized certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).


Brenda decided to start her own business based on her success as a corporate financial consultant and experience at an Internet start-up company. Though she’d always thought of herself as a “corporate gal”, Brenda wasn’t afraid to jump in and start the Zamzow Group with limited resources. “My gut just said, this is what you were meant to do. This is the culmination of everything you’ve done in your career and in your life up until this point.”

Brenda was both excited and nervous when she came to Formation Solutions with the goal to make the Zamzow Group a registered corporation. In order to bolster her confidence as she ventured into self-employment for the first time, Brenda used a quote from her CPA. “He said, most businesses fail because the business owner is fearful of something.”

Instead of wasting time being afraid, Brenda hired experts and tapped her past network in order to make the connections that could assist in getting the Zamzow Group off the ground.

Formation Solutions streamlined the entire process of becoming a corporation, making it transition as smooth as possible for Brenda to start the Zamzow Group.

“It was a great, great decision on my part to leave it to the experts. I didn’t have a clue about what I needed to do to be registered and all the filings and everything. You guys were a great value. You took care of everything and then handed me a book and a disk and a bunch of stuff and said here you go, here’s your corporation. It was a breeze.”

In the last five years, the Zamzow Group has established a solid presence in Los Angeles. Brenda works out of an Arlington Heights office and keeps costs low by hiring contractors, mostly culled from a rolodex of business relationships and friendships acquired during her years as a corporate worker. “All the clients, referrals sources, and other people I’ve worked with in the past now work for me,” says Brenda.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

Though profits have remained since the business’ creation, the Zamzow Group has felt some effects of the recession. Brenda uses lessons from her own experience as a business owner to sustain profitability.

“The hardest lesson I learned in my business is that you do need to save for a rainy day and you need to be careful not to grow too fast. Especially if it’s your own company. Some of the money you make during the good times really should be put away and not necessarily poured back into the business.”

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