Formation Solutions Featured in Santa Barbara Noozhawk

by Matthew Burgess on August 4, 2010 in Santa Barbara has written a nice piece on our work at Formation Solutions, as well as a mention of a blog we started to highlight entrepreneurship in Santa Barbara.

From the lead-in:

In The Art of War, the general Sun Tzu observes that every battle is won or lost before it ever begins.

In modern-day parlance, it can be argued that every startup business venture either succeeds or fails long before a single transaction is completed. Or, to paraphrase a well-known cliché — failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Matthew Burgess, founder and CEO of Formation Solutions, is quite familiar with the preparation involved with forming a business entity, and he is bringing that knowledge to bear to help people navigate the complex, often intimidating, entrepreneurial battlefield.

Noozhawk: Formation Solutions Smoothes the Steps to Starting a Business

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  • lawinc

    Partnerships and sole proprietorships do not provide limited personal liability for business debts. Creditors of these businesses can go after the owners' personal assets to collect business debts. Organizing and operating a partnership or sole proprietorship is much easier than forming a corporation because there is little formal paperwork required.

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