Jim Bunch is not a Motivational Speaker

by Matthew Burgess on May 26, 2010

Recently, at a conference in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I had the opportunity to see Jim Bunch, “The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur”, speak to a crowd of business professionals like myself. He introduced himself, and shortly thereafter played a clip of Chris Farley’s SNL skit where he is motivational speaker, Matt Foley, to illustrate that he’s not a motivational speaker. If you haven’t seen it, find it on YouTube, as it is pretty hilarious. Getting back to the topic, Jim’s message is simple: you have control over your own success, as he is living proof.

Jim Bunch has been extremely successful in business, while still maintaining his own personal version of an Ultimate Life: a wife, a 3-year old boy, and a healthy lifestyle. To say that he did really well during the “dot com” boom is an understatement. His achievements include being the pioneer of Bamboo.com, Ipix, and CoachGenie.com. He has already retired three times, and looks to be under forty years old.

The Ultimate Life, Jim Bunch’s philosophy, maintains that it is possible to have success in all areas of life: happiness, health, and wealth. You begin the process by looking inward at what is holding you back from living your dream. He explains that our belief systems are instilled in us in the first seven years of life, and we carry these around with us into our adulthood. He demonstrated this by starting sentences like, “money doesn’t grow on…” and we would all answer, “trees”.

He outlined the Seven Strategies to Creating Your Ultimate Life, and they are as follows (from his website, www.jimbunch.com):

“Strategy #1: Design Your Ultimate Life. Using a combination of exercises and mind-mapping, you’ll create a clear, focused plan for the upcoming year…and beyond. We want you to create true happiness, health, and wealth in your life and in the lives around you. What does your ultimate life look like?

Strategy #2: Determine Your Big Wins for the Year. Using measurable goals and scorecard, you will be able to track your goals and identify what areas you need more support in. This a great tool that keeps you focused on your current goals and taking consistent action.

Strategy #3: Design Your Pre-Game Strategy. You will break your year-long design into 90 day practices and habits that will enhance and support your plan. You’ll learn how to accomplish more with less effort so you have more free time and income.

Strategy #4: Become a Pro: Training and Development. This is where you’ll identify and develop the skills you need to support your ultimate goals. In learning what skillsets you have, you’ll also identify which skillsets you lack, which takes you to Strategy #5.

Strategy #5: Recruit Your Dream Team. As we mentioned above, if you’re missing a certain skillset that’s needed to support your ultimate life, you’ll need someone else who has it. So, what skills will you need on your team? What about as a back-up? What about the networks that will help you move faster and farther? You’ll identify all of this and be able to create your dream team for complete support.

Strategy #6: Play Full-Out and Play to Win! It sounds simple enough, but playing full-out is deeply rooted in awareness, accountability, and responsibility. You’ll discover how you can become more aware, accountable, and responsible to really play full out.

Strategy #7: Master Your Ultimate Plan: Review and Debrief. This is VERY important. To master your plan, you need to review what has worked and what hasn’t. The scorecard will help you identify this, but it’s also important to actually schedule time to do this. Most people do not review this type of feedback, and it’s one of the most integral aspects of your learning to be more successful.”

The seven strategies are just the beginning of living to your best potential. Learn more about Jim Bunch and start living your “Ultimate Life”.

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