Lonely at the Top: When Startup CEOs Can’t Discuss Problems Internally

by Matthew Burgess on April 14, 2010

Joey Tamer talks about the loneliness of the CEO in a recent post on her blog. She discusses how to find the right consultant to work with on the questions and problems that you can’t take to others in your company.

The Loneliness of the CEO & A Way to Find a Solution

I’ve known Joey since she was introduced to me in 1999 by Mark Jeffrey, now CTO of Mahalo, and she joined the Board of Advisors of a technology startup we had co-founded. She has a certain calmness that you wouldn’t normally expect from someone packing so much raw brainpower. Exactly the sort of thing you need when you’re steering the ship of startup. She refers to her work as a “shadow” CEO to entrepreneurs of capitalized startups.

Take a look at her article and look around her site to learn about her consulting practice.

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  • http://www.joeytamer.com joey tamer

    Thanks, Matt, for your kind words and for re-posting my blog. Your start up was one of my all time favorites, and you and Mark were a delight to work with.

  • http://www.matthewburgess.com/ Matthew Burgess

    Likewise Joey. We learned a lot from you.

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