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by Matthew Burgess on September 16, 2010

It can be hard for small businesses to find solid resources for services like bookkeeping, accounting, financial modeling, etc. Many of our clients ask us for referrals to firms or individuals that can provide these services. So we’ve built a network of professionals, done our best to learn about their practice, and then made referrals to them when there is a fit with a client.

With bookkeeping in particular, we’ve had good and bad luck. There are plenty of people around to claim to be Quickbooks experts who are not. In the last year, we’ve had success in finding a number of top notch bookkeepers and bookkeeping companies.

Seth David is one of those resources. His company, Nerd Enterprises, Inc., provides bookkeeping, accounting, financial modeling and other services to small businesses. In addition to his client work, he’s created an impressive library of how-to articles, video tutorials, recorded webinars, etc.

Here’s a short video describing Seth’s services.

(If you are offer professional services, and would like to be considered for client referrals, please tell us about your company at our Professional Resources Directory Submission.)

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  • Bookkeeping Ransome was so good

  • Julie Pierce

    Alliance Career Training Solutions in Salinas teaches QuickBooks and Accounting 101 together for people who want that! The class is taught by a CPA who has worked with bookkeepers and gives a lot of practical tips from his experience. Alliance also teaches QuickBooks by itself for those who only want to learn that. Check them out!

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