Statement of Information - California Domestic Profit Corporation

California law, as well as that of many other states, requires corporations and limited liability companies to update their records with the Secretary of State's office on an annual basis. This filing is called the Statement of Information.

It lets the Secretary of State know if you've changed owners, executives, company address, or your agent for service of process. The forms are a little different for corporations and LLC's, but they are generally the same.

The state charges a filing fee of $25, but if the deadline is missed, they will assess a penalty of $250. We'd like to make sure that you never get hit with this fine. And, we'd like our clients to have the peace of mind that comes with having one less thing to track and to worry about.

Our Service - Annual Statement Filing

We will:

  • Set up a reminder service.
  • Contact you eight weeks before your filing Due Date
  • Gather the information needed for the filing
  • Prepare the filing and make sure it gets done right and in on time

What does this service cost?

Our clients have seen misleading, official-looking letters from private companies charging as much as hundreds per year. Our service is offered for only $79 (which includes the state filing fee).

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