We are looking for an ecommerce-focused site designer who can create multiple alternative designs for elements of existing sites. Preferably w/ experience creating skins and page elements to test in multivariate conversion-focused environment. In other words, not one big re-branding exercise, but lots of tests to optimize for conversion.

For use with a multivariate testing platform, we are running a series of tests to improve landing page optimization and conversion rate. We will start with testing easy-to-implement variations: copy changes, buttons, colors, rounded-vs-sharp corners, etc.

We have a long list of variations to try: we'd love creative ideation as well, but immediate priorities call for prolific, precise execution of design element creation and related CSS.



The position will be a part-time, independent contractor. Pay will be set commensurate with experience.

Please apply and send us your resume by filling out our form HERE.